What Can We Expect In The New iPhone 8?

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iPhones are some of the most popular smartphones in the world. They have been around for nearly ten years now, and seven models of this phone have been released do far. The latest model is the iPhone 7. Apple enthusiasts had waited anxiously for this model, and it reigned in popularity the instant it hit the market. Unfortunately however, many people experienced problems with their batteries which was quite a disappointment. One can therefore understand the anticipation with which the entire world is waiting for the release of the iPhone 8.

The release date of this phone is not yet set, but it is not hard to predict when it will be released. Apple is in the habit of releasing new iPhones early in September, so it is quite possible that the new iPhone 8 will be released in September too. However, Apple is rumored to be experiencing some challenges with the design of this phone, so you may have to wait till 2018 to see the new phone. Here are some of the features that iPhone 8 is expected to have. If you need to contact Apple about your iPhone, you can find the Apple customer service phone number at http://www.visitalk.com/. Here are the new features you can expect:

Potential iPhone 8 Features

  1. OLED Screen – Apple has long steered away from OLED technology, but it is expected to embrace this technology with iPhone 8. For those of you who may not be all that tech-wise, OLED technology stands for organic light emitting diode. It refers to screens whose pixels produce their own light, rather than using back lighting as many Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens do. The advantage of OLED screens is that they help save energy, so that you phone’s battery life is greatly improved.
  2. Possible iPhone 8 designCamera – iPhones have legendary cameras, and the iPhone 8 camera is expected to be better than those of previous models. It is expected that the phone will retain the dual lens camera that was a trademark of the iPhone 7. It is also rumored that the phone will feature an all- screen front camera, although sources are divided on this one. You might have to wait until the phone is unveiled in order to find out whether or not the phone will have an all- screen front camera.
  3. Better Performance – The performance of this new phone is expected to be way better than of other iPhone models. The enhancement of the performance is believed to be the reason for the delay in the release of this new phone, because Apple has contracted another company to provide chips for the phones. The company in question is rumored to be Taiwan- based. The chip is expected to be to be a System-On-A-Chip, with an A11 processor. iPhone 7 had an A10 Processor. The A11 processor is expected to be built on a 10nm Finfet process. If you are not a tech- nerd, no doubt most of these words make no sense to you, but the overall result is that the performance of the phone will be better. The phone will be able to carry out many processes simultaneously, and while using little energy.
  4. DiiPhone 8 displaysplay – It is also expected that the appearance of this iPhone will be different from the trend that Apple has been taking of late. The iPhone 8 is expected to have a glass body, much like the iPhone 4 did. It is also expected that the Home Button will be done away with, as well as the problematic fingerprint sensing. Sources also have it that the phone will be released in three sizes, that is 4.7 inches, 5.5 inches and 5.8 inches. The 5.8 inches phone is what is expected to have an OLED screen, although it is quite possible that all the rest will use the same technology. Moreover, it is expected that the phone will retain the water- resistant properties associated with the phone series.


If you are waiting on bated breath for the release of the iPhone 8, know that you are not alone. The whole world is right there with you. Given the innovative nature of Apple, you can’t be too wrong in hoping that the new device will be nothing short of remarkable. Expect a sleek and stylish gadget from Apple in the name of iPhone 8. Although no one knows for sure when the device will be released, it is bound to be released between late this year and early next year. In the meantime, all you can do is wait until the device is released.

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